One Design: Evolved

“One Design: Evolved”

What does it mean to be “evolved”?   If you’ve sailed a light, asymmetric spinnaker boat, you know how much fun they are.  The VX pushes the envelope further and brings higher performance sailing within reach of more sailors than ever before.

Based on Brian Bennett’s prior experience designing and building sportboats, the design goals of the VX One are straight-forward: Fast, Simple, Comfortable, Easy to Sail, and Easy to Own.  At each step in the design process, the team looked for the best ways to leverage state-of-the-art features to achieve the best balance of speed, ease of use and economy, and the result is simply outstanding.  The VX One is something new and special:  better built, more affordable, with superior quality and features, and of unparalleled value.

The VX One evolution includes:

  • 3D computer modeled hull for high efficiency lines and wide crew weight range.
  • Original molds constructed using a 5-axis machining process for precise and repeatable lines.
  • Resin-infused full vinylester construction with Divinycell form cores and carbon fiber reinforcement for lighter, stronger and more consistent hulls.
  • Extruded aluminum keel foil for perfect shape with no fairing required. Anodized for durability with built-in kelp-cutter for easy weed removal while sailing.
  • Fiberglass encapsulated bulb makes the VX One self-righting under normal conditions and combined with the self-bailing cockpit, makes the VX safe and forgiving.
  • Side tank shapes ergonomically designed and tested for maximum hiking comfort.
  • Carbon mast and boom are lighter and stronger than aluminum for easier rigging and easier sailing over wide wind range.
  • Dyform shrouds for maximum strength with minimum weight and stretch.
  • Square top mainsail matched with engineered topmast bend characteristics for improved light air performance and better gust response in heavier conditions.
  • Skiff-inspired mainsheet system with split tails for better mainsail control.
  • Advanced Gnav purchase and car systems for smoother operation.
  • Self-tacking jib with furler for reduced crew workload and easier docking.
  • Modern spinnaker design for higher performance. High clew and short foot for easier gybing.
  • Single-line spinnaker halyard and pole control for easier hoisting.
  • Larger spinnaker throat for easier dowsing.
  • Aluminum I-beam trailer and light displacement for easy towing with any car.
  • Sized and engineered to ship in standard 20’ containers, simplifying global logistics.


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