Keels, Spars and first photos of VX Hull #1

Two big announcements this week…


After about 8 weeks of engineering, back and forth, and getting many “No’s from about 4 different aluminum extruders we finally have an exciting solution to our keel foil needs.  Valmont Extrusions in Elkhart Indiana have agreed to extrude a completely new shape foil for us, designed specifically for the VX. What is so special about this is the inclusion of a Kelp Cutter in the leading edge. What is more, this will come at absolutely no extra charge to our customers. This keel and its associated systems is going to set new standards in precision engineering, and cost effectiveness for one design sportboats. Each element of the keel can easily and inexpensively be replaced in the event of damage or grounding. No longer will you need to fair your keel. The geometric shape is perfect, and the finish very resilient. Just wash it down with fresh water with each use, and spray the kelp groove with McLube.


Final rig engineering is also complete and we are expecting 2 sets of prototype carbon spars to arrive from Southern Spars any day now. Detailed pictures are attached below for your viewing pleasure: note the details of the gooseneck, gnav, and spreaders – beefy stuff!

VX prototype Hull #1

To whet your appetite, here’s a couple of pictures of VX hull #1 sitting in the shop dolly waiting to be fitted out…

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Developing a new boat doesn’t leave a lot of spare time for status updates and the like, but we are posting a few photos from the shop.  If you haven’t seen the VX Facebook page, head on over and click the “Like” button.

Note from Brian

The VX is something new. The boat is a concerted and determined effort to bring something better built, more affordable, with superior quality and features, and of unparalleled value as a vehicle for sailors from young to mature. A boat that can be shipped world wide in numbers economically.

The boat is one platform, and one strict and fundamental one design….
The VX One.

But to share what is possible, in time, we will be offering low cost plug-and-play options which expand the realms of performance and potential, so that one platform, with minimal expense can be the ideal junior team race boat at one end of the spectrum, and at the other, a full on twin trap super dinghy. There is something fascinating about a boat that can cross the spectrum of ages and skills, while still retaining, and being able to return to its One design roots.
I think that those of us in the industry and class organisations do not do our sport justice unless we work diligently to grow sailing in all its facets. Choices will be made, and boats will be bought and sold, but we need to stay current, and advance the sport and lifestyle we all enjoy.

Best regards. Brian.

PS, 1 mast for all sail plan generations. Plug-and-play options at low cost.
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