VX One Production in Full Swing

New boats have been delivered to owners in Alabama, Texas and Georgia and hull numbers 7-10 will be leaving the shop within the next week and a half. Components for hulls 11-13 have already arrived from Edgewater and will go into finishing before the end of the February; we are now on pace to deliver 6 boats per month going forward.

According to Brian, production is becoming more seamless as the boats go together. “We are chasing a very small tolerance with our ultimate goal that these boats are within millimeters of each other. The VX will be a true One-design, from the keel and keel box, to the hull and rig.

Internationally, two boats are heading to the east coast of Australia in March, and we have also taken a deposit from a customer in Perth. Michael James in Brisbane and Fred Kazparek in Canberra are very kindly allowing us to use their boats in Sydney and Brisbane for demos in May, and we will be at the amazing Sanctuary Cove Boat Show the week of May 24th. If you live in Australia or the surrounding area please come by the show for a visit. Specific demo dates will be announced shortly, and we’re looking forward to further fleet growth down under.

With the shop in Savannah now up to full speed and cranking out new boats on a regular basis, the guys are keeping very busy meeting the growing demand. If you haven’t ordered yours yet, now’s the time!

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