Welcome to the first Bennett Yachting Newsletter!

It’s been a busy few months since we announced our new VX One Design racing sailboat, but we’re glad to be able to share some exciting news about the project with you in this first communiqué from our team to yours.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours analyzing our plans for the new boat to ensure that our engineering concepts and design bring the best combination of technology, performance, and value to the sailing public. We’ve re-designed or altered a few important areas to improve hydrostatics and ergonomics while continuing to work on keeping costs down. With these changes, we’ve optimized the VX One package to provide a raceboat of ultimate performance, great value, and serious durability and longevity.


The VX has “One-Design” in its name, so we designed and engineered the new boat in a way that will produce the most equal fleet of one-design racing boats ever built Designed from the ground up in 3D to allow us to use modern 5-axis machining processes, the VX One’s first set of LPT (limited production tooling) just arrived in Savannah a few weeks ago. “The guys at Titusville, FL based Vectorworks did a great job building the tooling on their impressive machines,” said Brian Bennett, designer of the new boat. “Now that we have the prototype molds, it’s all about finishing them perfectly to get ready for molding the first boat over the next couple of weeks.”


  1. HULL: We made some minor underbody and hull-shape modifications to maximize stability and hydrostatics for optimum performance. We also fine-tuned the production geometry to allow for optimal results with our resin-infusion process.
  2. DECK: We’ve modified the hiking platform slightly to improve comfort and ergonomics.
  3. RUDDER: Our new rudder design is something special – it will use a lifting ‘dagger’ style rudder made with a carbon-fibre/fiberglass composite blade in a cartridge. We also upgraded to an all-carbon tiller from our original aluminum concept as soon as we were confident that it wouldn’t adversely impact the overall cost of the boat.
  4. SAILS: Computer modeling and real-world experience has proven to us that the best option for the VX One Design is a true square-top mainsail. The sail’s auto-depower abilities should make it easier and more forgiving to sail than an old-style roach profile.
  5. RIG: Thanks to some incredibly hard work from our partners at Southern Spars, we’re able to spec an all carbon-fiber boom (instead of aluminum) and hold overall costs down to our targets.
  6. LAMINATE ENGINEERING: Our laminates engineering is now compliant with ISO 12215 Category C (inshore standards). ISO compliance brings the knowledge that we’re building an impressively tough boat that can be fabricated within our strict weight targets.

If you have any questions about the changes we’ve made, feel free to !


On July 1st, Bennett Yachting will begin taking orders for the new VX One Design, and just $500.00 (Five Hundred US Dollars) locks in your build slot and introductory price of just $24,750.00. Only the first 25 boats are guaranteed to get this great price, so mark your calendars! Price includes fully rigged VX One Design (Club Sport version) on alloy trailer with fitted fiberglass bunks. Click here to make sure you are on our mailing list and we’ll send you a reminder.

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